VW Sharan: Check engine light coming on

26 Oct 2022

In case of VW Sharan 7M6 / 7M9 powered by the 1.9 TDI AUY engine, drivers report a drop in power during the acceleration phase and the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) coming on. The cause is insufficient contact quality.

In addition to the symptoms listed, error codes may be recorded:  P0225, P0226, P0227, P0228, P1630, P1631, P1632, P1633, P1634, P1639, P2122, P2123, P2127, P2128, P2135, P2138. They all relate to the problems surrounding the gas pedal sensor (photo 1).

In this case, the cause of the problem described above is insufficient contact quality in the connection between the accelerator pedal sensor and the plug (photo 2).

Solution to the problem:

Check the plug connector for damaged or corroded plug pins (photo 2, photo
3), replace if necessary. Replacement parts:

  • single wire: 000 979 025 EA
  • compression link: 000 979 940

Check the operation of the accelerator pedal sensor (perform a noise check or potentiometric check with an oscilloscope), replace if necessary.

The advice comes from the HELLA Tech World website. For more tips on vehicle repair and diagnostics, visit www.hella.com/hella-tech-world-pl-pl/.


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