Failure of the coolant level indicator light in the Mazda RX8

01 Apr 2023

In the Mazda RX8, you will often encounter the case of an active coolant level indicator light. Despite the correct level of fluid in the expansion tank, the light comes on and goes out or lights up constantly.

The cause of this situation is a faulty coolant level sensor. This is caused by the degradation of the surface of the original-mounted sensor floats, which in extreme cases absorb coolant and sinks within it. This causes the indicator light to come on.

The sensor with the float is not a replaceable component, so in order to professionally and comprehensively fix the problem, the expansion tank must be replaced along with the built-in sensor and plug.

When disconnecting the lines between the expansion tank and the radiator, be careful not to damage the delicate spigots.

Blue Print supplies an OEM-quality coolant expansion tank that has a sensor installed with a modified float. The ADM59860 like other Blue Print parts is subject to the 3-Year Warranty program.


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