E-Lion Cordless Impact Spanners from Magneti Marelli – Let’s Start the TEST

01 Feb 2024

The cordless impact spanners that are this year’s product novelty in the Magneti Marelli brand have just arrived in our editorial office, or in fact in a friendly workshop. The E-Lion product family is a response to the increasingly expressed needs of automotive mechanics who are converting to battery-powered devices.

The fact that mechanics are increasingly turning to battery-powered equipment is hardly surprising. Products of this type are characterized by increasingly better performance, power, as well as long battery life. Will such advantages also be offered by the new Magneti Marelli E-Lion spanners? We will be the first in the Polish market to check this in a test that has just been launched.

Test of Magneti Marelli E-Lion Cordless Impact Spanners

However, it must be admitted that we will not do it alone. We can guess what our regular readers would think of a tool test performed by editors whose daily business is mainly tapping on the keyboard. As in the past, also this time we asked a friendly workshop to check the equipment – their mechanics will put the spanners through the most reliable tests. What tests? Simply those of everyday workshop operation. During this time, we will remain in regular daily contact with the workshop staff to receive comments and reflections on the operation of the equipment on an ongoing basis.

Spanner test from four years ago – a curiosity…

In a moment, we will present the technical characteristics of the E-Lion spanners to be tested. Before we get to that, we have a little more trivia for you. Exactly four years ago, we conducted a similar editorial test of Magneti Marelli products – workshop lamps and an impact spanner test of Magneti Marelli products – workshop lamps and an impact spanner. The spanner tested then was a 1/2″ composite T-Rex with a breaking torque of 1280 Nm. At the time, it was a budget product, aspiring to match the quality of its higher-end competitors. After the test, the spanner remained in the workshop. We have now decided to reconstruct its further history.

It turned out that the spanner was still used in the workshop after four years! As you can see from the photo below, it no longer resembles itself from its glory days, but the hallmarks leave no doubt that this is our tested spanner. It is in permanent use at one of the repair stations. And it is used frequently, as the workshop where it was left mainly deals with suspension repairs, brake systems and also tyre changes.

Technical specifications of the E-Lion spanners tested

We do not know whether the new Magneti Marelli spanners will show similar longevity to the T-Rex. Can this even be expected from cordless devices? As the classic saying goes – we’ll wait and see. They are certainly products with interesting technical features.

All the spanners tested have brushless motors, powered by 20V. Their batteries have overload protection. The manufacturer asserts that the torque generated by the spanners provides performance identical to that of traditional pneumatic impact spanners (we will of course check this declaration). Each model is supplied in a plastic carrying case, complete with a set of two lithium-ion batteries and a charger. The workshop therefore receives a full-fledged and ready-to-use piece of equipment straight away – when one battery is in use, the other can wait its turn, connected to the charger.

What feature of the E-Lion cordless spanners might be of particular interest to mechanics? Compatibility with other devices, of course. The mechanics at the workshop that will be testing the equipment verified this immediately – the batteries fit the Makita spanners popular in Polish workshops (although there is a slight voltage difference of 20V vs. 18V). Conversely, Makita batteries fit the E-Lion. Will the spanners also be available for purchase without batteries or with only one battery included? We will find out and provide the information in the second article, i.e. the test report.

The manufacturer describes the charger as fast – we will of course verify this, too. Each spanner has an illuminated speed and direction switch, as well as an LED light to illuminate the work area. A feature of the spanners is also the ‘STOP’ function, which prevents damage to the threads. When the bolt is loosened, the spanner stops. The function is activated/deactivated by pressing a button. The batteries, according to a Marelli statement, are expected to last for 1,000 charge cycles. This is something we are unlikely to check in our test of a few weeks, but… who knows, maybe we will get back to you with this information at some point.

The batteries have a built-in charge indicator that also works when they are not connected to the spanner. This allows the battery to be checked quickly and avoids the mistake of connecting a discharged battery to the spanner or a charged battery to the charger.

E-Lion1/2″ 620 Nm cordless impact spanner

The smallest spanner of the E-Lion family has a 1/2″ spindle and a claimed nut breaking torque of 620 Nm. The capacity of the included batteries is 4 Ah. The main technical parameters of the product look favourable for a spanner of this size:

  • reinforced shank
  • rated voltage 20V
  • battery capacity: 4 Ah
  • rotational speed 2700/2300 rpm
  • impact frequency: 3600/3100 bpm
  • nut breaking torque: 620 Nm

The spanner weighs 2.34 kg including battery.

E-Lion 1/2″ 1700 Nm cordless impact spanner

This spanner with a much higher breaking torque weighs 3.45 kg including battery. It offers a choice of three tightening speeds. The kit, of course, includes two batteries along with a charger. Due to its weight-to-torque ratio, we expect this spanner to be the most frequently used by mechanics testing products.

  • reinforced shank
  • rated voltage 20V
  • battery capacity: 4 Ah
  • rotational speed: 1800/1200/900 rpm
  • impact frequency: 2200/2000/1800 bpm
  • nut breaking torque: 1700 Nm 

E-Lion 3/4″ 2400 Nm cordless impact spanner

The ¾” shank model is designed for the toughest tasks, so it has a breaking torque of 2,400 Nm and is equipped with two 8Ah batteries. Like the other models, it comes with a fast battery charger. Together with the battery fitted, it weighs 4.1 kg.

  • reinforced shank
  • rated voltage 20V
  • battery capacity: 8 Ah
  • rotational speed: 1900/1500/1200 rpm
  • operating torque: 1850/1250/950 Nm
  • impact frequency: 2500/1900/1100 bpm

  007936331550 007936331570 007936331580
Shank 1/2″ 1/2″ 3/4″
Rated voltage 20 V 20 V 20 V
Battery capacity 4 Ah 4 Ah 8 Ah
Battery type Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion
Impact frequency 3600/3100 bpm 2200/2000/1800 bpm 2500/1900/1100 bpm
Speed 2700/2300 rpm 1800/1200/900 rpm 1900/1500/12000 rpm
Operating torque 620 Nm 2200/2000/1800 Nm 1850/1250/950 Nm
Nut breaking torque 620 Nm 1700 Nm 2400 Nm
Product weight 2.34 kg (including battery) 3.45 kg (including battery) 4.1 kg (including battery)


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