Automotive Fragrance Diffuser – A New Addition to Philips’ Offerings

12 Mar 2024

Philips is launching a new product – the OlfaPure 7200. It is a fragrance diffuser – a device that works with a smartphone app. According to the manufacturer, this new product has many advantages over traditional hanging car fresheners or cabin air fresheners.

The Philips OlfaPure 7200 is a modern scent diffuser that allows not only for very precise control of the scent intensity but also ensures that the fragrance is noticeable throughout the journey. This is rather impossible with other, conventional solutions, as the sense of smell tends to get used to the scent over time, eventually ceasing to notice it at all or perceiving it very weakly.

Philips OlfaPure 7200 – Device + Cartridges

The diffuser consists of a base device and replaceable plug-and-play cartridges. The cartridges release a range of fragrances designed in France, which, depending on the choice, help to relax, stay alert, reduce motion sickness, or simply refresh the air. The device can hold four cartridges at once, and the scent is selected by pressing a button.

Scent Released According to an Algorithm

The system takes into account many factors, such as constant scent perception (increased scent release over time), the volume of the cabin space, and even the specificity of aromas. In the latter case, it’s about the fact that, due to cultural reasons, some regions of the world require more or less intense scenting (for example, fragrances for Asian markets are slightly lighter).

Using a spatial algorithm, the OlfaPure 7200 releases the optimal amount of fragrance, considering the volume of the vehicle’s cabin (in m3), the speed at which a given scent moves in the air, and how long it lingers (olfactory linger effect). This is one of many features that distinguishes it from most competing products.


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