Illuminated grille emblem from HELLA – customization and innovation

22 Sep 2022

The automotive supplier HELLA, which belongs to FORVIA, to the world’s 7th largest automotive technology company, will also participate in Caravan Salon, a specialist exhibition for solutions for the caravan industry in Düsseldorf, which will be held from August 26 to September 4, 2022, where innovations in motorhomes and caravans will be presented. The company’s products can be viewed at stand A50 in hall 14.

HELLA is presenting its developments in two areas at the trade show this year – one is the customizable, illuminated, futuristic radiator grille logo, and the other is the special lighting solutions developed by the company.

The appearance, design and quality of the grille logo are especially important for every car manufacturing company – this is how the potential customer perceives the presence of the brand at first glance. With different optical systems, different effects can be achieved and they can also create new opportunities for designers within the framework of the relevant legislation.

HELLA also uses special technologies for radiator grille solutions – for example, laser structuring.

“In cooperation with the Erwin Hymer Group, we have built a prototype for the company Carado GmbH as part of a pre-development project, which can also be designed for other brands of the Erwin Hymer Group with little modification,” says Franco Ricchiuto. the sales manager responsible for the HELLA caravan sector.

“There has never been a product like this before. We are therefore delighted that visitors to the Caravan Salon will have the opportunity to experience a truly unique innovation. After the trade fair, we will decide whether the product will be implemented. And that’s just the beginning: with this emblem, there will be many more design customization options for our customers in the future in line with the legislation for lighting products in road traffic. The legislation on this will definitely come into force at the beginning of 2023, illuminated logos will be allowed in ECE-countries from then on.”


Another innovation from HELLA is their lamp called LEDayFlex III, which made its debut at the Caravan Salon last year. The light source is equipped with LED and EdgeLight technology, and includes daytime running lights, position lights and indicator lights. It has flexible adjustment options and a high level of modularity, its modules can be integrated horizontally, vertically and diagonally as well. The daytime running light set consists of 2 pre-wired module chains with 5-8 round LED modules. The diameter of the modules is 30-30 mm each. The system is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system with a 3-pole AMP Supersealed connector. The turn signal is also available with a running light function. The LEDayFlex III LED combination light has a striking and linear design that is perfect for RVs and buses as well as electric cars and vans.

The Caravan Salon is an annual trade show in Düsseldorf. During the 10 days of the trade show, visitors can learn about the vehicle technical aspects of motorhomes, parts, new technical solutions, motorhome accessoriesin a wide, unique selection.

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