Kavo Parts starts with a complete program of charging cables

27 Jul 2022

As one of the first aftermarket suppliers, Kavo Parts has added charging cables to its range. The references cover 99.9% of the electric vehicle range and are now in stock at the supplier from the Netherlands. Patrick Stormmesand, Sales Manager at KAVO, explains why. “Since the beginning of this year, in addition to being an Asian specialist and a shock absorber specialist, we have also been a specialist in parts for electric cars. And then charging cables should certainly not be missing in our range. The market for maintenance of electric cars is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, the number of EVs on the road is increasing rapidly, especially in western Europe. If you don’t want to lag behind, you have to act quickly. We did that.”

“And Kavo Parts is the only supplier to date that has linked the charging cables to the correct vehicle in TecDoc,” continues Patrick Stormmesand. This once again underlines that this market is not yet very transparent. Many suppliers are still searching for answers and changes , but Kavo Parts is the first to be among them. The charging cables are of high quality and ensure fast and safe charging and all this at competitive prices as you are used to from KAVO.


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