How to Fix Poorly Performing Air Conditioning in Kia Sportage III?

18 Mar 2024

In the third-generation KIA Sportage vehicles, it can happen that during high external temperatures, the air conditioning does not cool the air to the expected temperature. HELLA brand experts advise on how to fix such a malfunction.

Poor Cooling in Kia Sportage 3

If the air conditioning performance is insufficient at high external temperatures, the cause may be a damaged evaporator temperature sensor. Incorrect readings can cause the evaporator to freeze and block the airflow.

How to Diagnose? Where is the Sensor Located?

  • Before replacing the sensor, check the air conditioning for the correct amount of refrigerant, pressure, and other possible causes of failure (cabin filter, condenser, radiator).
  • Using diagnostic equipment, you can read the fault memory and check the measured values of the evaporator temperature sensor.
  • The temperature sensor is located in the upper right corner of the driver’s footwell. To access it, the covers must be removed.

Source: Hella Tech World


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