Febi solutions: Engine mount cushion diagnostics

10 Nov 2023

The engine cushion is a part that is designed to hold the drivetrain in a fixed position, but it also performs another important task. It is responsible for reducing the transmission of engine vibrations to the car body, which could cause discomfort to the driver and passengers. Below is advice from febi brand specialists in the area of diagnosing a worn engine cushion.

Symptoms indicating a worn engine cushion

When the car is running at idle, with neutral gear engaged, vibration/shaking can be felt on the dashboard, the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals, as well as on the driver’s and passenger’s seats. In addition, a distinct “buzzing” noise can be heard.

Why does the engine cushion wear out?

Exposure to constant temperature fluctuations, heating and cooling, leads to the degradation of a component made of rubber. This, in turn, causes excessive movement of the engine mount cushion.

How to make sure the engine cushion is causing the vibration?

Ensure that the vibration is caused by the engine mount cushion. Increasing the engine speed, see if the noise disappears or changes in tone. Use the help of a second person, who, with the help of a lever, should exert pressure on the engine suspension cushion in many areas. If the noise disappears, replace the engine suspension cushion.

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Application of febi cushion 33986:

Renault Clio 3, Modus

Engine: K9K

Transmission: JA5, JR5


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