Ford S-MAX: rain sensor does not control wiper adjustment

20 Apr 2021

Mechanics encountered a problem with the rain sensor in a Ford S-MAX. Autodata specialists present solution to this problem.

We are having trouble diagnosing the windshield wiper system in a 2013 Ford S-MAX. The wipers do not operate in position 1 of the multi-function switch. We performed basic checks on the wiring and supply voltage, but did not find the cause of the problem. We are not sure if the cause of the fault is the multifunction switch or the wiper motor. Please help us with this problem.

Answer: We suspect that the car is equipped with a rain sensor and this area should be investigated. The rain sensor function does not work because the mounting plate is disconnected from the windshield. Remove the rain sensor from the mounting plate. Thoroughly clean the rain sensor mounting plate and the windshield. Apply the appropriate adhesive to the indicated area (fig. 1.1.). Install the rain sensor mounting plate on the windshield. The adhesive must dry completely before the rain sensor can be reinstalled. Perform a functional check after reassembly.


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