The cause of water in the interior of the Lexus IS250/IS350

25 Mar 2023

On Lexus IS250/IS350 vehicles from years 2006-2007, a clogged A/C condensate drain can cause water to enter the interior.

If a significant amount of water enters the interior of the vehicle (floor mats), the cause may be a clogged condensate drain. Access to the condensate drain is complicated.

In addition to the example described here, it is necessary in each case to have the additional information from the manufacturer. Depending on the model and the variant (2WD/4WD), the following procedures are possible.

  • Lift the vehicle using a jack
  • Unplug the electrical cable of the O2 sensor
  • Unscrew the exhaust pipe and support it
  • Remove the gearbox bracket and support the gearbox
  • Remove the front driveshaft (all-wheel drive only)
  • Lower the gearbox by a few centimetres
  • If necessary, remove the gearshift lever
  • The condensate drain is now visible on the side of the gearbox under the vehicle chassis above the gearbox (figures).
  • You can now either clean the condensate drain bushing with a long, blunt object or replace it with another bushing variant.

The advice comes from the HELLA Tech World website. For more tips on vehicle repair and diagnostics, visit


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