Do you care about proper parts selection? AVA Cooling is the clever solution for your business.

30 Mar 2022

The exact identification of parts and the mapping of their proper application is of key importance for any spare part business. Reliable linking to the exact vehicle, OE-references and even competitor part numbers became critical success-factors for wholesalers, distributors and garages. Wrong or unclear product application leads to frustration, wasted time, unnecessary returns and non-satisfied customers. 

The Clever Choice of AVA Cooling includes:

Product identification accuracy

We map and link our reference numbers thoroughly and cover all the necessary vehicle and part data criteria even including the license plate numbers. The product data quality from AVA Cooling guarantees the most accurate product identification. We share the data via various channels in order to match your business’ needs. You can find it in our catalogue which is the market’s most comprehensive and useful AVA Cooling parts identifier. We also share the data as all-details data exports in various formats as well as fully tailored API. 

Maximizing carpark coverage

With the right product data, we are not only helping you to cover a wide range of applications in your market. As The Clever Choice, AVA Cooling is doing it with an optimized amount of part numbers. This means, you have to keep less items in stock to serve the market, without negative impact on the coverage. At AVA Cooling, we focus heavily on the high-rate of the car park coverage, thus making sure our offering maximizes your sales potential. Our well-thought product range perfectly reflects the applications in use and is also optimized. This means, maximized sales potentials with optimized costs for your inventories.

How can my business benefit? What’s in it for me?

  • Parts identification reliability – we let you keep your promise
  • Less returns, which means less costs
  • Increased sales potential and reduced inventory cost

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