NEXUS Automotive International reveals its new signature and shares its vision for the future of the aftermarket

14 Sep 2022

As highlighted at the NEXUS Business Forum in Vienna, the automotive aftermarket faces major challenges including: electrification, digitalization and consolidation. In this context, the shift from “parts” to “parts and smart mobility services” stands out as a key challenge. Today, NEXUS Automotive International reveals its new signature as “The Automotive Aftermarket Company”, which conveys the ambition of the entire NEXUS Community to lead the transformation ahead for the sector.

NEXUS sums up the mission of ‘The Automotive Aftermarket Company’ in the three sections highlighted below.

Growing the core business
It’s 8 years since N! created the leading Automotive Aftermarket network, with the ambition to become a global growth accelerator. N! will continue to develop its worldwide network of distributors in future years by working even more closely and proactively with its supplier partners; as well as expanding its supplier portfolio through the active promotion of “green suppliers” and the approach of “parts” to “parts and smart mobility services”.
Another major direction in the years ahead will be the expansion and professionalization of the N! training services and garage concepts (i.e N! Academy and N! Auto).

Capitalizing on innovation
The Automotive Aftermarket of 2035 will be significantly different from the AA of 2022. Major stakes and opportunities including electrification, digitalization and consolidation are ahead of us. The duty of NEXUS is to anticipate trends and to stay close to innovation eco-systems and to drive forward innovation around the world. In this way, N! plans to contribute to the growth plans of our distributors and help them in diversifying their activities as we head towards 2035.

Innovation has been and will continue to be at the core of NEXUS’s strategy of investment. This is the reason why N! created the VC Mobilion and has supported the foundations of multiple start-ups including Sparker, the AA market-success services platform, which will be launched in October in cooperation with multiple strategic co-investors.

In addition, N! is very proud of Ki Mobility Solutions, which Mobilion has invested in. It was created by one of the stakeholders of NEXUS TVS Automotive Solution and, in a report published by HSBC and KPMG, has been identified as one of the next 10 unicorns to emerge in India.

Sustainability, the emergency
Sustainability is more than just a priority amongst us all, and it goes without saying that our industry has to engage and act now. Over the past 4 years, NEXUS has taken multiple initiatives in the sustainability domain and, in the immediate future, NEXUS will continue to pursue its efforts in this area. We will treat the sustainability challenge as both an emergency and as a ground for entrepreneurship. Within this context, N! will launch the NEXUS Climate Day during its next Business Forum, which will take place in Montreal in March 2023.

Gaël Escribe, CEO of NEXUS, said: “Since its creation in 2014,NEXUS is constantly adapting itself to the needs and expectations of our industry in accordance with our stated aim of: “We owe you more than business as usual”. Given the three fundamental directions that constitute the pillars of our future roadmap, we have decided to slightly modify the NEXUS signature and to share our new vision for the coming years ahead with the whole aftermarket community; in order to lead the upcoming transformation.”


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