Did you know that the car park is aging?

10 Dec 2021

The European car park is in constant growth. All forecasting indicates that the cars will keep getting older and grow faster than the new-to-market vehicles. The number of cars older than 14 years is expected to increase by more than 21% in Central Europe, but significant growth is also predicted in Eastern Europe (+18%) and Western Europe (+15%).

Here is what AVA Quality Cooling offers:  

Excellent offering for the aging car park

We have the right product for your market. Instead of taking fights for being among the firsts in the market with a new product, AVA prioritizes the best solution for the later stages of the aftermarket and offers an excellent commercial fit for the aging car park.

Optimized range and high market coverage

To ensure that customer demand can be met, AVA focuses on a good balance between the fast- and slow movers. Our optimized range formula enables us to offer our customers a valuably high market coverage achieved with fewer parts.

Reliable and effective supplies

We understand the goods have to move faster, more reliable, and in higher volumes than ever before. Our reliable supply chain- and logistics setup is ready to serve the expected growth in the older part of the car park, thus making your business easier to plan.

How my business can benefit from these? What’s in it for me?


  • Secured business performance with the most relevant parts
  • Reliability supported by maximizing car park coverage
  • Business ease with optimized logistics


Should you learn more about the aftermarket’s clever choice of the thermal system spare parts? Do not hesitate and visit www.ava-cooling.com


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