Wellness for Automatic Transmission

10 May 2022
  • MAHLE sets new standards with its transmission oil service device ATX 280
  • ATX 280 is more environmentally friendly and low-cost than competitor models
  • Intuitive user guidance makes operation easy and safe
  • Connectivity enables continuous updates, remote maintenance, and integration into digital workshop concepts
  • ATX 280 is available now

The performance and efficiency of automatic transmissions can only be guaranteed through proper maintenance. MAHLE Aftermarket now makes transmission oil service for automatic transmissions even easier and safer. With the ATX 280, the automotive supplier is launching a new oil service device that sets a new standard for independent workshops. The most important advantages of the ATX 280 include dynamic oil exchange and the “zero cross” concept, which keeps different oil types from mixing with each other. The MAHLE device thus outperforms other competitor models in terms of environmental friendliness and costs. It is also set apart by its intuitive user guidance and connectivity. In this way, the ATX 280’s database is updated constantly. It can also be integrated smoothly into digital workshop concepts and is capable of remote maintenance. The MAHLE ATX 280 is available now.

“The proportion of vehicles with automatic transmissions is increasing constantly. The expansion of solutions for transmission oil service is the basis for independent workshops to use this trend to build a new business field,” said Olaf Henning, Member of the MAHLE Management Committee and Head of the Aftermarket business unit.

The MAHLE ATX 280 works according to the principle of dynamic flushing. In contrast to static flushing, the used oil is pushed along and displaced ahead of the inflowing new oil during the flushing process. This ensures that less flushing oil is required, shortens the flushing process to about ten minutes, and improves the cleaning effect with a high replacement rate of about 95%.

At the same time, ATX 280 works with absolute precision. Additives are added via a load cell. Perfect dosing is thus guaranteed, in contrast to conventional methods in which the additives are added through a time-controlled process. This results in maximum performance and efficiency even in complex dual clutch transmissions. The ATX 280 also takes the recorded residual oil quantities into account so that these cannot be distorted by adhesions to the oil pan.

The ATX 280 is connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means the internal vehicle database is always kept up-to-date. The device can also be connected to a network printer to print out maintenance logs. For this, the made-to-order maintenance logs are resistant to aging and can be archived — in contrast to the thermal printers often used today. The maintenance report can also be sent directly to customers by e-mail on request. The ATX 280 is also fully capable of remote maintenance. If access is required for maintenance purposes, the workshop authorizes this through a PIN generated for this purpose. Thus, despite the network connection, a high level of data security is guaranteed.

MAHLE is constantly improving the standards of transmission service. With the “zero cross” concept, a special cleaning process is used in the ATX 280 when it needs to switch from one oil type to another. After swapping out the easily exchangeable oil container, the device performs a fully automatic cleaning of the lines, valves and hoses. This guarantees that the old and new oil do not get mixed during the filling process.

During the transmission oil service, all process steps are displayed on a clearly laid out touch screen in a photo-realistic and comprehensible way — and for every vehicle type. The contents of the monitor can also be mirrored on a smartphone. That is especially helpful when, for example, different switching stages have to be used during the maintenance process. This can be done conveniently from inside the car.


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