When to Replace Shock Absorbers in a Car? Key Symptoms.

12 Mar 2024

Shock absorbers are one of the key components of a car’s suspension system, affecting both the comfort of the ride and safety. This article will discuss when to consider replacing shock absorbers, how to recognize their damage, and the costs and time involved in replacement.

How to Check Shock Absorbers?

  • Load test: Press down on the front or rear corner of the vehicle several times. If the car lifts and lowers smoothly, the shock absorbers are in good condition. Sudden vibrations or bounces (excessive springiness) suggest a need for replacement.
  • Visual inspection: Check for oil leaks or damage to the shock absorber housing. Such symptoms indicate wear or damage.
  • Driving test: Pay attention to disturbing sounds, vibrations, and vehicle instability while driving over uneven surfaces. Each of these situations may suggest problems with the shock absorbers.

Most Common Symptoms of Damaged Shock Absorbers

  • Vehicle handling instability: The vehicle may become less stable when driving over bumps, curves, or during braking.
  • Extended braking time: If you notice that the vehicle needs more time to stop, it may suggest that the shock absorbers have lost their effectiveness.

Costs and Time for Replacing Shock Absorbers

  • Price of shock absorbers: The cost of replacing shock absorbers can vary depending on the brand and model of the vehicle and the quality of the parts used. Typically, costs range from a few hundred to several thousand zlotys for a set. An approximate price of parts can be determined based on online prices.
  • Labor costs: Replacing shock absorbers requires proper tools and knowledge, so labor costs can be significant. This cost varies depending on the workshop and its location.
  • Replacement time: The time it takes to replace shock absorbers can vary depending on the mechanic’s experience and the availability of necessary parts. It usually takes from a few hours to one working day.

Regular checking of the shock absorbers’ condition and quick response to any symptoms of damage are crucial for maintaining safety and comfort while driving. If you suspect problems with the shock absorbers, it’s advisable to consult with a professional mechanic who can assess their condition and recommend a possible replacement. Remember, taking care of the condition of shock absorbers is an investment in safety and comfort during travel.


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