Replacing the clutch kit in the Kia Carnival

22 Mar 2023

According to technical reports from Blue Print, Kia Carnival 1999>2006 2.9DT cars often experience shifting problems. Mechanics associate this fact mainly with a worn clutch and partially rectify the fault by replacing the set with a new one. Only partially.

Blue Print specialists said the cause of premature clutch wear could be a bent/broken clutch release lever (clutch fork). This part in this model of the car prevents proper clutching.

Blue Print therefore suggests replacing the clutch lever (clutch fork) each time the clutch kit is replaced. Putting on a new clutch kit without a new lever (fork) may not remove problems when changing gears. If all defective clutch components (clutch kit and clutch lever) are not replaced during the initial repair, the Blue Print warranty will not cover the self-replaced clutch kit.

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