One and a half million views in a week!

11 Feb 2022

 “Alternator Crime Story” had a great start and a week after its premiere it was displayed over 1,500,000 times!

The premiere of “Alternator Crime Story” was not scheduled for the 1st of February 2022 by accident. On that day, exactly 30 years ago, the company AS-PL started its operation.

From the very first minutes, the production aroused great interest. The first 100,000 views were achieved in less than 9 hours from the premiere, and a week later, the sequel to The Alternator’s adventures was displayed over 1,500,000 times!

This huge success is not only due to the excellent story shown in a humorous way but also the feeling of nostalgia for the first part of the film, which had its premiere in 2017. “Alternator Love Story” went viral instantly and also reached over a million views very quickly.

“Alternator Crime Story” repeated the success of the first part and became another very liked and widely commented advertising film in the automotive industry.


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