Skoda Yeti: engine works in emergency mode, EPC error

17 Mar 2021

Autodata Company runs Autodocta guide, where solutions to common, but difficult to diagnose, automotive problems are presented. This time we will discuss a problem regarding engine malfunction in the Skoda Yeti, combined with an EPC pressure control warning light.

In our workshop there is a Škoda Yeti 2.0 TDI from 2015 with several faults. The engine is in emergency mode, EPC warning light is on and the glow plug warning light flashes. There are several fault codes stored relating to different systems, making it even more difficult to diagnose the fault. Please help us with this problem.

A: The problem described is well known to us and occur in Yeti models with the DFSA engine code. The cause of the fault is a short circuit caused by the engine wiring harness rubbing against the left front stringer. Remove the air filter housing to access the engine wiring harness. Located the abrasion of the motor wiring harness (fig.1.1.). Check wiring harness for damage (fig.1.2.). If necessary, repair or replace the heated lambda sensor wiring harness. Check that there is proper distance between the wiring harness and adjacent components. Clear the trouble codes and perform a test drive to see if the problem has been resolved.


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