The digital trade show for N! Members and suppliers

07 Oct 2020

As we began 2020 the calendar was full of N! Connecting Days, social dinners and other gatherings. But all that changed with Coronavirus.

We held a very successful N!BF in Amsterdam, not yet aware that so many things, including the events landscape, was going to be radically different.

For the entire automotive aftermarket, ‘connection’ is essential to running a successful business. For NEXUS, especially, the meaning of ‘Community’ has relied on meeting face to face, because we believe that human contact is at the core of every business.

So, in response to the new situation, we began a massive digitalization of our community.

We began with CON!NECT, the intranet platform on which N! members and suppliers can gather and connect. Then we utilised the power of the internet with N! Academy webinars hosted by Nexus suppliers, training more than 800 members on differing topics and categories.

We hosted a ‘think-thank’ webinar in which major actors of the aftermarket gathered online to discuss the consequences of COVID-19 on our industry. And we will continue with a series of regional webinars to update our community and to find solutions for their businesses, wherever they are in the world.

Our next step on this digital superhighway will be the staging of N! Virtual Days, an exciting new opportunity for N! members and suppliers to take part in Nexus’ first virtual trade show.

How N! Virtual Days will work

This year you will not need to buy new shoes after the intense marathon that is Automechanika. There will be no walking from one booth to another, and again to another. No flights will be needed, nor to queue to enter the exhibition.

It will be simplicity itself as you sit at your desk and open your computer to be connected with the global NEXUS aftermarket community.

Our virtual exhibition centre will be composed of three halls:

  • Auditorium: Twice each day you will have the opportunity to participate in NEXUS webinars during which you will receive updates on NEXUS activities and strategies.
  • Exhibitors: NEXUS strategic suppliers will welcome visitors directly at their digital booth. Here, the suppliers will conduct meetings, share documents, webinars and resources.
  • Lounge area: Every participant can meet directly in the lounge area and chat online with people in the room

Just like a traditional trade show, participants will be able to schedule meetings in advance. Suppliers can participate with more representatives, which gives them the opportunity to bring their local team to run meetings with members from their region.

Why we are doing it

We are aware that we will live a ‘new normal’, N! events will change their shape to offer more opportunities to our suppliers and members to join, wherever they are in the world, and feel part of a progressive worldwide community.

We cannot imagine continuing to do business without meeting our partners around the world. However, we also have to adapt ourselves to the circumstances and create the safest environment for our community.

We have the technology today to adapt, learn and build new ways of doing business and we believe that our community is ready to make the difference even in this situation. The NEXUS Virtual Days trade show and exhibition is the first step for the NEXUS Community, on that will mark a real turning point in the way events are run.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Bas Donders
NEXUS Director of Brand and Communication


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