Guidelines for treating semi-finished gas pistons without a cavity

16 Jan 2024

MS Motorservice offers customized semi-finished pistons without a cavity for gas engines. The bottom of these pistons can be freely treated, so it is possible to precisely adapt them to current requirements. Information on the current range of semi-finished pistons can be found in the company’s catalogs.


Record all relevant dimensions as comparative quantities before and after treatment. To do this, measure the piston at the given points D1 and D2 (Figure 2).

Treatment of a semi-finished gas piston

  • Use suitable cutting tools to machine alloys containing > 10% silicon.
  • Use a suitable fastener so as not to disturb the contour of the piston and the coating of the running surface.
  • Close any cooling channels.
  • Before processing, the part must cool sufficiently and be sufficiently lubricated.

After machining and before piston assembly

  • Clean the machined piston including all oil channels.
  • Measure the piston at the preset measuring points D1 and D2 (Figure 1) under the same ambient conditions as before treatment. Compare the results obtained with the values measured before treatment.
  • After installing the piston, check the piston protrusion. Maintain the minimum piston protrusion value required by the manufacturer for standard applications.
  • Follow the general guideline for proper piston installation. It can be found in the KOLBENSCHMIDT piston catalog (part number 50 003 945).


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