Clarios has built a cooling chamber for battery testing

21 Feb 2023

Clarios is expanding its Hanover R&D centre. A cooling chamber has been added to the test apparatus already equipped in the vehicle testing laboratory. The chamber can cool two vehicles to -40°C to test the durability of new and old batteries. The tests are designed to analyse and improve the battery’s starting capacity at extremely low temperatures.

The vehicle testing laboratory and refrigeration chamber belong to the technical department and are used for product development and improvement. The emphasis is on the interaction of the battery with the electronics of the entire vehicle – whether it is powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor with a battery. A 12-volt battery is also important in an electric vehicle. A high-voltage lithium-ion battery powers the drivetrain, while batteries from Clarios’ growing xEV portfolio power the internal 12-volt electrical system, including key power and safety functions.

The Clarios laboratory also performs custom testing for OEM customers. One of them is to monitor the battery’s performance during engine start-up in a specific vehicle and throughout its life. During such a test, the batteries are artificially aged. Different life cycles and long- and short-distance routes are simulated, depending on the usage profile. In-depth testing of all the battery’s capabilities helps you select the right battery for your vehicle’s needs.

Cooling room and laboratory – new investment in Hannover

The cooling room and wiring system laboratory will not only serve the Hanover headquarters, but will enable projects throughout Europe, as well as in the US and China, thanks to Clarios’ closely linked global network of R&D centres. The duration of the test depends on the project and can range from one day to two years. Workers are studying the battery’s response to various conditions. Measurements are often made on-site under real conditions over several years.

“We don’t consider ourselves just a manufacturer, we also try to actively support and advise our customers as a provider of solutions and technical competence,” says Markus Hoh, head of the Clarios vehicle testing laboratory in Hannover.


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