Blue Print solutions – replacement of cracked oil filter housing cover

26 Apr 2023

Many Mercedes car models have the same oil filter housing cover. It happens that the fatigued material will break when replacing the oil filter cartridge. What to do in such a situation? The solution is presented by Blue Print specialists.

Cracked oil filter housing cover in Mercedes – what to do?


When replacing the oil filter element as part of routine maintenance, the oil filter housing cover may break. In this case, the tube that fixes the position of the filter cartridge breaks off and remains inside the housing.


After many hours of use and constant exposure to temperature changes and vibration in the factory-installed oil filter cover, the plastic tube that fixes the filter cartridge becomes brittle and breaks.


  • From the oil filter housing, pull out the filter cartridge and the retaining tube detached from the cover.
  • Remove any broken-off parts and excess engine oil from inside the oil filter housing. Replace the oil filter cover with a new Blue Print ADBP990016 element (supplied with o-rings for sealing), and install a new filter cartridge ADU172101.
  • Lubricate the seals with engine oil and tighten the oil filter cover with the recommended torque of 25 Nm

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