How to effectively disinfect air conditioning?

07 Apr 2024

Aside from the obvious benefits of having air conditioning, one must be prepared for the maintenance responsibilities it brings. The way an air conditioning system operates creates ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms that are harmful to health. Therefore, thorough and proper execution of the cleaning and disinfection process is the duty of every workshop offering such services.

Most common mistakes

The most common mistake during the cleaning of the air conditioning system is the use of a product that does not have biocidal properties. In such a case, it is necessary to check on the label whether it has permission issued by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices, and Biocidal Products and that it is not expired.

It also happens that the evaporator is not properly cleaned and disinfected. It is recommended to clean and disinfect the evaporator each time by the pressure method. In the most extreme cases, it may be necessary to replace the evaporator with a new one.

Another mistake made by workshops performing air conditioning disinfection is improper drying of the system. After disinfection, to dry the system one should open all ventilation ducts, set the fan to maximum speed, and while the air conditioning is on, alternately, repeatedly change the thermostat setting from minimum to maximum and vice versa. The entire procedure should be carried out in a mask, with the car doors open, and then the car should be thoroughly ventilated.

A mistake is also the lack of replacing the cabin filter. After the evaporator, this is the component where fungi and bacteria multiply the fastest. The cabin filter should be replaced at least twice a year. Leaving an old filter in the air conditioning system after disinfection is tantamount to not performing the service.

Disinfecting the air conditioning is not a difficult procedure. However, to bring the expected effect, it must be performed with due diligence and using the appropriate means. Neglect in this regard can have unpleasant consequences for health and even life.


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