Air wash: Osram’s new UV light cleans the air in cars

04 Dec 2020

Osram’s Air Zing Mini air purifier, which easily fits on air vents, removes germs from the air inside vehicles to improve air quality for drivers and passengers. With ultraviolet light, the handy device can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. Osram is using its expertise in photonics and ultraviolet light to continue expanding its portfolio.

In a closed, small area, like the interior of a vehicle, harmful germs can easily spread. The driver and passenger unknowingly bring them along on the journey and then the ventilation system distributes the pathogens throughout the car – a risk, especially now with coronavirus. The ultraviolet light of Osram’s Air Zing Mini works at a wavelength of 360 to 370 nanometers and can remove viruses and bacteria from the vehicle’s air with a reliability of up to 99.9 percent. The device has already been successfully tested against bird flu viruses. The air purifier also eliminates airborne allergens, pollutants and smells.

Extensive germ elimination in a small space
With a diameter of 7.5 cm the compact, round device is no larger than an apple and easily attaches to the vehicle’s ventilation slats with a clip. The included USB cable supplies power to the air purifier via any standard USB socket. The device operates quietly and illuminates the brand logo on the top in a subtle blue to show that it is working. The Air Zing Mini purifies the air by drawing it into the unit and passing it through a titanium dioxide filter, onto which a series of UV-A light emitting diodes shine. A photo-catalytic reaction kills viruses and bacteria cells before the purified air is expelled through the top of the housing. The filter can be cleaned with clear tap water, dried and reused. There is no danger to passengers from the encapsulated UV radiation.Additionally, the device can be used freestanding, making applications outside the car possible, including on office desks.


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