It’s time to get fresh air into the cab

14 Oct 2020

In order to guarantee ultimate protection against harmful particles and boost the efficiency of the air conditioning system, the UFI Filters Group recommends replacing the air cabin filter regularly: every 15,000 km – even at shorter intervals in particularly dusty areas – or at the latest, every 6 to 12 months. This operation is crucial for guaranteeing health and comfort inside the vehicle.

UFI recommends ensuring that the selected filter corresponds to the application suggested in the catalogue because the use of incorrect part numbers is a frequent cause of malfunction, and even collapse of the filter. Garages should follow service procedures as suggested by the car maker and filter element manufacturer in order to achieve convenient service operations and prevent functionality issues.

Particular fitting mistakes that can be found:

  • The position of the filter(s) is not identified and the disassembly/assembly procedure is not thoroughly understood
  • Residues in the filter housing are not removed and the housing is not properly cleaned. (If necessary, use an anti-bacterial spray)
  • The replaced filter is not perfectly sealed in its housing e.g. as the new filter is not the same as the one being replaced
  • Noises or leaks are not identified after replacement

The poor fitting of a cabin air filter, or failure to replace it at the recommended regularly scheduled intervals, leads to poor air quality inside the car, resulting in:

  • an accumulation of harmful gases, unpleasant odours and airborne particulate matter that trigger allergies, throat discomfort or sneezing;
  • fatigue and poor concentration after prolonged driving; and
  • poor visibility due to condensation that builds up on the windscreen and side windows.


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