Three is Better Than One! TPMS Service Devices from Continental Now with 3-Year Update License

02 Jun 2021
  • This offer will run until the end of 2021: Workshops can now maintain the latest vehicles, thanks to Continental’s offer of a 3-year update license for newly purchased TPMS service devices
  • Extensive database on sensors and vehicle protocols
  • Brand conversion – VDO TPMS Pro and TPMS Go service devices will now be marketed under the Continental brand

Always at the cutting edge of technology, Continental is extending the update license of its service devices for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) from one to three years. The technology company’s TPMS Update Plus will provide workshops with monthly database updates for TPMS Pro and TPMS Go service devices, ensuring that the testing and programming devices for TPMS sensors are always up-to-date. Workshops using these devices to check, program or teach the TPMS sensors will always have the latest information for their tire services – and this is a decisive advantage, because new protocols for TPMS sensors come onto the market with every new vehicle model.

Continental has extended the update license of its TPMS service devices to 3 years.

“We see ourselves as a partner to the workshops, and we want to support them with our products, which will enable them to remain competitive and fit for the future. Today, good tools alone are just not enough; you also need up-to-date data to be able to maintain and repair the latest vehicles,” explains Dominik Wrede, Head of Product Management for Diagnostics & Services at Continental. “And to emphasize the importance of up-to-date vehicle coverage data, we are now offering an extended, 3-year update license for our TPMS devices.” The offer will expire at the end of this year.

Monthly database updates will help workshops to check, program and teach universal TPMS sensors.

Handy, compact and tailored to user needs

Continental’s TPMS Go and TPMS Pro offer workshops the optimal equipment for their individual tire services. Workshops seeking to explore the topic of TPMS for the first time will find the TPMS Go to be an efficient entry-level device. For those who already have a TPMS service unit, the TPMS Go is also ideal as an inexpensive second unit. The TPMS Pro, however, is the perfect choice for workshops that value advanced features such as sensor teaching via the OBD-II interface. Both of the service devices have a simple, intuitive user interface that makes the tire tasks of workshop staff much easier.

Pro or Go: Workshops can equip themselves as required for their individual tire services thanks to these two TPMS service units.


From VDO to Continental – a new brand, but the same proven quality

As well as the extended update license, Continental has even more in store for the TPMS Pro and TPMS Go service units. As part of the switch from VDO to Continental in the spare parts business, both devices will be sold under the Continental brand in the future. The products themselves won’t change, and workshops can continue to rely on Continental’s proven premium quality. The change in brand identity is aimed at further strengthening the technological expertise and know-how for which the Continental brand is famed in the aftermarket world.

New brand, proven product: As part of the switch from VDO to Continental, the TPMS service devices will be marketed under the Continental brand in the future.


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