A multi-talent: the new compact full LED rear lamp from HELLA

29 Sep 2021

Faultless rear lighting is not only important so that you can be seen by other people in good time. It also simultaneously highlights the design of the vehicle and makes it unmistakable on the road. When it comes to the realisation of rear lamps, LED technology is of particular importance. After all, LEDs are robust, durable, energy-efficient and they also open up a wide range of design options. Consequently the demand for LED products is also increasing in the area of special vehicles. This is why the internationally positioned automotive supplier HELLA is expanding its portfolio in the field of rear lamps and is launching the new compact 328 630 full LED rear lamp especially for special vehicles, municipal vehicles and also for agricultural and construction machinery.

“The lamp is a real multi-talent – all the necessary light functions operate with LED technology. The innovative “Glowing Body” technology ensures a distinctive and homogeneous appearance of the tail light. A variety of mounting positions allows more scope in the design of the vehicle. The compact design is ideal for vehicles with limited installation space at the rear. At the same time, the lamp is extremely robust and durable,” explains Artur Biernatowski, Head of Product Management for Rear Lighting at HELLA.

Tail light, stop light, direction indicator light, rear fog light and reverse light of the new full LED rear lamp function exclusively using LED technology. The tail light is equipped with “Glowing Body” technology and produces two flat, homogeneous light strips – thus creating a unique design on the road. This particularly homogeneous illumination does not dazzle and is therefore pleasant for any traffic following the vehicle. The horizontal variant also has a dynamic LED direction indicator light that is centrally visible along the entire length of the lamp. In this way the new rear lamp supports the general market trend.

The new compact full LED rear lamp requires very little space for installation with its dimensions of 225 x 105 x 35 mm. This makes it particularly suitable for equipping vehicles with limited installation space at the rear. It is also available in a horizontal and vertical version. And the result is a lot of flexibility and design freedom. Both versions of the lamp are suitable for 12 and 24V applications and they both generate an electronic ISO pulse for the direction indicator failure control.

And there is yet another advantage: the rear lamp is cast in a mould and thus resistant to high-pressure cleaning. The outer lens is made of polycarbonate and is therefore extremely impact resistant. This makes the rear lamp particularly robust. As such, it is specially designed to withstand the extreme external influences to which agricultural and construction machinery are exposed on a daily basis.


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