SPEurope has been operating in the automotive parts market since 2016. What is the company’s history and how did it appear?

03 Jul 2023

SPEurope is a distributor of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Despite its relatively short history, the company operates in over 30 countries worldwide, including Poland. Our country plays a special role in SPEurope’s long-term strategy. We are talking to Eduard Stadnik, the Chairman of the Management Board of SP Europe.

SPEurope has been operating in the automotive parts market since 2016. What is the company’s history and how did it appear?

Thank you for your interest in our company. Established in 2016, SP Europe was conceived as a vendor partner of ATH&S GmbH, which in turn is one of the largest engineering companies operating worldwide. Over the years of activity in the IAM (international aftermarket), the company has accumulated extensive experience in interacting with manufacturers of automotive parts and components around the world. Today it is engaged in business affairs with more than 250 certified suppliers with manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company has been successfully developing more than 10 brands that cover more than 800 product categories of automotive parts and components in passenger and commercial vehicle part programs, in various quality lines and price segment.

SPEurope has exclusive distribution rights to such brands as Stellox, Areol, EDCON, as well as other brands represented in our range from our partner. Our task is to expand distribution and enter new markets with these brands, implement marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as establish strong ties between our customers and end consumers. Until 2020, the company provided services to large distributors around the world with direct deliveries from manufacturing sites. In 2021, we made a strategic decision to launch sales to European markets and Poland was chosen as the launchpad for this. At the moment, we have completed the formation and configuration of the warehouse and are moving on to creating a distribution network of local partners in the EU countries.

What distinguishes SPEurope’s business model from other distributors of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles operating in our region?

We have lots of differences and advantages in contrast to a mainstream distributor, but I will list the key ones in my opinion:

  1. We strive to provide favourable distribution conditions and competitive services.

For our partners, we ensure high profitability for each of our products keeping the end buyer in mind.

  1. A range with the strongest brand portfolio, which can fully meet customer service demand ranging from passenger cars to heavy vehicles. We supply not only spare parts and electronics for vehicles, but also oils, technical fluids and batteries. We offer products in more than 800 product groups.
  2. Marketing and technical support with full support from the manufacturer. Thanks to international experience, we have formed a set of effective tools for organizing sales and supporting our partners.

SP Europe understands that the reliability and safety of vehicles are priorities for their owners.  End consumers receive products at a fair price that exceeds the quality dictated by the market in each of the price segments.

Thanks to the unique partnership and international experience, the company has access to technological solutions and engineering know-how. This allows SP Europe to develop and offer high-quality auto parts that meet the high standards accepted in the industry.

On the company’s website we can find some information abot the fact that the SPEurope range consists of products of such brands as Stellox, AREOL and EDCON. Are these your private brands? Please tell us about their range.

The company’s total portfolio consists of 10 brands. At the first stage, our three key brands will be available to our customers in Poland and other European countries: STELLOX, AREOL and EDCON.

STELLOX is our flagship in automotive spare parts, which has been present on the market for more than 17 years and is represented in more than 30 countries.  The brand has one of the largest product ranges. Today there are 600 product categories with a total of more than 58,000 items. STELLOX has received the “Premium Data Supplier” status from TecDoc, which makes the brand user-friendly and guarantees high-quality selection of spare parts.

By referring to the TecDoc catalogue, manufacturers of spare parts and retailers can be sure that as the catalogue is being constantly updated, it will provide a user with up-to-date information about similar spare parts on the market.

Among the advantages of STELLOX, thanks to the “Premier Data Supplier” status, the following ones stand out:

  • Rich selection of spare parts;
  • Quick and accurate selection alternatives based on unique numbers of original parts;
  • Selection of relevant offers for servicing a particular vehicle or its component;
  • Availability of additional maintenance information;
  • Good visualization (photos and diagrams), as well as a full technical description of references “from the manufacturer”;
  • Multilingual selection tool.

High standards of data provision in the market of passenger car and commercial vehicle parts has resulted in only 20% of brands awarded the title of “Premier Data Supplier”, and the Stellox brand was among them.

As Stellox continues to raise the bar for catalogue data higher and higher by adding new features, the data must meet these standards. In this case, quality is the result of painstaking work and attention to detail.

Stellox manufacturing sites are leading enterprises that supply their products to the assembly lines of global automakers.  The range includes spare parts for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

AREOL is a premium quality motor and gear oils designed to ensure long-term and reliable operation of engines and transmissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles of European, American and Asian origin.

They are manufactured by the largest factories in Western Europe: motor oils are made in the Netherlands, and gear oils are made in Belgium.

High reliability of AREOL products and their utmost usability are achieved through the following hallmarks in the manufacturing process:

  – unique formulas and compositions developed on the basis of our own laboratories and testing centers

 – base oils and additives from world-class suppliers

 – state-of-the-art equipment

 – experienced and qualified management.

Compliance of AREOL oil specifications with international standards for SAE, API, ACEA, ILSAC, as well as approvals by leading international automotive corporations for use in their car engines guarantee optimal conditions for the operation of power units and ensuring their resource characteristics, as well as fuel economy and compliance with strict environmental standards for environmental emissions.

AREOL adheres to the high standards of the industry and responds to changes in the requirements for lubricants in a timely manner. The brand’s portfolio contains products that comply with the latest international standards, such as API SP and ILSAC GF-6.  These standards regulate the increased requirements for motor oils in terms of fuel efficiency, oxidative stability, protection of the engine from wear and deposits, prevention of the LSPI effect.

The range of products for shops, service stations, corporate vehicle fleets and end customers provides a choice for both high-end car models with the latest systems for ensuring the performance of engines and transmissions, and for used cars. The AREOL catalogue presents products with applicability for more than 95% of the vehicle market.

For a prompt and professional selection of suitable motor and gear oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles according to their individual specifications, AREOL offers its customers a service of personal online recommendations. Step-by-step form, fast and free data access allows you to get all the necessary information anytime, anywhere.

EDCON is a brand of vehicle batteries designed for smooth and safe use in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They are a powerful driving force when starting engines and a reliable power source for a growing number of modern electronic systems and devices.

The batteries are  manufactured using modern technologies on the lines of world leaders in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain and Turkey.

Advantages of EDCON batteries, made according to the modern CA/CA technology, are:

 – guaranteed engine start at extreme temperatures and after a prolonged vehicle downtime

 – a reliable power source for a growing number of power-consuming devices, which are part of electronic systems, to ensure comfort and safety of drivers and passengers. This is especially important in cold weather, when a battery consumes more energy than it takes – energy-consuming engine start, traffic jams, operation of all power-consuming devices, low charge reception at subzero temperatures

 – battery operation without additional maintenance between replacements

 – longer service life due to shockproof protection of battery cases, vibration resistance, anti-corrosion properties of plates

The supply of EDCON batteries covers about 85% of the total market demand. It also contains models of the latest generation produced using advanced technologies, such as AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), with increased technical and operational characteristics that meet the requirements of the START-STOP system.

By choosing EDCON, you provide your vehicle with a reliable and high-quality power supply.

How wide is the range and is it being (or going to be) expanded further?

We have already formed a range as large as 20,000 items with stocks worth more than 20 million euros in our local warehouse in Poland. Our logistics and distribution warehouse network allow us to increase these indicators significantly, if necessary. Direct deliveries from factories are available to our partners, thus allowing customers to apply long-term planning principles and range formation strategies.

As mentioned above, at the first stage, products of 3 brands of spare parts for servicing passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses can already be purchased by customers. Stellox – automotive parts and components. Areol – oils and technical liquids. Edcon – vehicle batteries.

As the distribution develops and we receive feedback from the market and our partners, we will expand the range and introduce new product categories. We have something to offer the market.

Since when has the company been present in Poland? Is our country a kind of SPEurope’s logistics centre for Central and Eastern Europe due to the location of the distribution warehouse near Warsaw?

A combination of factors such as location, qualified personnel, developed infrastructure, internal market capacity and investment climate sets Poland apart from other European countries in terms of doing business.

Thanks to our location and the presence of a distribution warehouse near Warsaw, we can provide prompt delivery of automotive spare parts not only in Poland, but also to other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This allows us to act as a logistics centre for this region and effectively serve our customers in various countries.

How can people who are interested in cooperation contact you?

We are open to dialogue with any type of customers, be it a large distributor, a network car service or a spare parts outlet. We can offer you favourable terms of cooperation, regardless of your location. We are also open to cooperation with trading companies and independent representatives in all European countries.

My colleagues, Commercial Director Ruslan Sharko and brand manager Aliaksei Loseu will be happy to answer your questions.

Ruslan Šarko

Mobile: +48 533 701 200

Email: RSharko@stellox.com


Aljaksej Losev

Mobile: +48 537 457 912

Email: ALoseu@speurope.pl


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