Water in Fiat Ducato’s turbocharger

02 Mar 2023

In the case of Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD / 3.0 JTD (Euro 5) manufactured since 2010, water can get into the turbocharger. The effect of water can be the failure of a turbocharger.

Water entering the pressure module or turbocharger position sensor can cause damage to components. This prevents the turbocharger from being properly controlled. Fault codes are stored in the controller. In some cases, engine operation is only possible in “emergency mode”.

The problem affects vehicles equipped with the following turbochargers:

  • Garrett 806850 – xxx (2.3 JTD)
  • Garrett 796122 – xxx (3.0 JTD)

To definitively correct the problem when replacing parts, ensure that all service steps specified by Fiat are performed. This is such as modifying the water drain above the engine.

The advice comes from the HELLA Tech World website. For more tips on vehicle repair and diagnostics, visit www.hella.com/hella-tech-world-pl-pl/.


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