Vehicle diagnostics with x advantages

10 Dec 2020

Analogous to the increasingly intelligent vehicle generations, the communication with the vehicle systems is also changing. Hella Gutmann concludes that diagnostic solutions for the future should therefore be as flexible as possible. The diagnostic and data world has been completely rethought and the mega macs X has been created. Just as a driver can configure his new car in almost any way, a workshop should also be able to decide individually which function modules and data types it needs for multi-brand diagnostics and which operating hardware it would like to use for this. The X therefore stands as a variable for the different possibilities that arise for workshops of all sizes and specializations thanks to individual function and data configurations.

In addition, the X in the name of the new Hella Gutmann diagnostic device stands for new freedom in device handling. In contrast to previous diagnostic solutions from Hella Gutmann, the mega macs X has neither display nor keypad – but instead has a cable with an illuminated CARB connector for the vehicle’s OBD interface. The entire intelligence, i.e. the processor, the diagnostic software and the integrated diagnostic protocols – including CAN FD and DoIP for new vehicle models such as Skoda Octavia, Volvo XC 90 and Golf 8 from Volkswagen – is concentrated in its impact-protected housing.

For the operation and display of the diagnostics, the mega macs X needs to be paired with a separate device. This can be a tablet, a notebook or a PC with one of the standard operating systems (Windows, Android, Apple IOS, Linux). No need to carry a heavy diagnostic device around – and no great effort if the display has been damaged in the tough workshop environment. It can be easily be replaced by another tablet. A specially adapted, impact protected Hella Gutmann tablet is also available.

In terms of content, the mega macs X masters exactly those functions that the user has defined through his individual configuration via the offered SDI software X1 to X5 and license modules* X1 to X5. If a workshop wants to start with the minimum functions read/delete error code and internet-based diagnosis (DoIP), he should choose the smallest package. Later upgrades to X2 to X5 are possible at any time. Then over the air activations let the mega macs X grow with the dynamic needs of the workshop. The possibilities range all the way to a top-quality diagnostic solution at the level of the mega macs 77 SDI with guided measurements. This can even be exceeded by new functions and data types for ADAS and lighting systems as well as e-mobility. Thanks to the secure networking capability of the mega macs X, the user always has all the data he needs on the vehicle available directly at his workplace.

An integrated bracket allows the mega macs X to be positioned on the side window of the vehicle, thus ensuring a stable Wifi connection to the display/control unit at all times, even on vehicles with chrome-plated windshields. During diagnosis, a green LED scroll bar on the front and rear of the device confirms active vehicle communication. Other functions are signaled by illumination patterns of the so-called swoosh. A circumferential cable duct and a magnetic surface for fixing the CARB connector make the diagnostic device a compact unit when not in use, which can be neatly placed on the inductive charging station.


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