NEXUS returns to live gatherings with first event in Dubrovnik

11 Oct 2021

After a long period of virtual events and meetings, NEXUS Automotive International has instigated a series of live gatherings, bringing together its community of distributors and manufacturers from all over the world.

The first event was in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 6-7 of October, bringing together N! Members from the Nordic Baltic, Adriatic and Southern Europe regions, and N! selected local suppliers.

“Our regional structures, Nordic Baltic and Adriatic, are in constant development and the presence of NEXUS in this area is more and more significant, with the development of key strategic projects, and thanks also to the presence of newly added members such as from Montenegro. All this made Dubrovnik the perfect location for us stepping back into live events,” said: Gael Escribe, CEO of NEXUS Automotive International.

The meeting represented a unique opportunity for more than 50 participants between N! Members and N! Suppliers to get insightful updates on developments in these regions.

Among those present were Arunas Martikonis, manager of NEXUS Automotive Nordic Baltic, Jakov Akmadzic, manager of NEXUS Automotive Adriatic, Alla Muntian, NEXUS Business Development Director Europe.

A series of workshops on NEXUS core business were also held by Nicholas Russ, N! Group Sourcing Director, Florian Precigout, N! Service and concept director, and Janusz Zielinski, N! Global Heavy Duty director.

“We took all the necessary precautions to guarantee the best healthy and safe environment for both our members and suppliers,” said Bas Donders, NEXUS’ Brand and Communication Director. We were thrilled to see our community ‘live’, and we are excited to see our event calendar flourishing with new dates and locations.”

Other planned NEXUS ‘live’ events will take place in Italy, 14th and 15th October, Shanghai and Dubai to coincide with the Automechanika shows.

Besides the regional ‘live’ events, a second NEXUS Virtual Days global online gathering is being planned for 9th and 10th November.”


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