Strategic partnership between TitanX Engine Cooling and Nissens Automotive

06 Oct 2021

The announcement of a strategic partnership between global supplier of commercial vehicle and transmission cooling systems, TitanX, and the dedicated aftermarket specialist, Nissens Automotive, supplying a wide range of products within engine cooling, climate and efficiency & emissions, builds on an agreement for a strategic exclusive distribution co-operation between two renowned IAM brands.

Cedric Huslin, CEO of TitanX, states:

“This partnership forms the framework around a brand exclusivity agreement with Nissens Automotive, which aims at strengthening our dedicated European truck brand, TitanX. Sales differentiation is a strategic objective of TitanX, and our aim is to provide the best thermal solution for the transport of today and tomorrow. Thanks to the partnership with Nissens Automotive, we now secure a strong and efficient distribution channel for our TitanX brand”.

The partnership offers mutual benefits to both TitanX and Nissens Automotive.

Managing Director of Nissens Automotive, Klavs Thulstrup Pedersen, states:

“We are very pleased about our strategic partnership with TitanX, which is one of the leading suppliers to vehicle manufactures in the Heavy Commercial segment. Through this co-operation, TitanX will gain access to Nissens Automotive’s comprehensive distribution network in Europe, Asia and the US, and we get access to new thermal technologies within the truck segment. In future, technologies will quickly develop and change, and with the roll-out of new energy vehicles (NEVs), it is very important to be able to offer the latest technologies to the customers in the IAM, including e.g. thermal management of battery driven trucks”.

Matt Moore, Vice President Research, Development & Engineering at TitanX, puts emphasis on a sustainability focus shared by TitanX and Nissens Automotive and underlines the importance of technology innovation. He states:

“TitanX and Nissens Automotive share a common commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. Creating an efficient and educated IAM for NEVs is a key enabler for the new energy economy. Together, our companies can support the green transition in the IAM”.

Although the exclusive distribution agreement has recently been concluded, the co-operation between TitanX and Nissens Automotive has historical roots thanks to a long-term co-operation between AVA/Highway and TitanX. In 2020, Nissens Automotive acquired AVA Cooling in Europe.

Bogdan Szymanowski, COO of the AVA Group, says:

“Originally, Highway International had the pleasure of introducing the TitanX brand into the IAM. For many years, we have maintained and even expanded our co-operation, and with this exclusive partnership agreement, we are proud that DSD, a TitanX-owned company, and Nissens Automotive will be the only brand partners for TitanX products in Europe. Our long-standing co-operation will therefore gain additional traction, and I see very promising opportunities for the joint, future partnership between TitanX and Nissens Automotive”.

For more information, please contact:

Jan Zieleskiewicz, Marketing Manager, Nissens Automotive | E-mail:

Titan X Engine Cooling is a global supplier of commercial vehicle engine and transmission cooling solutions to OEMs and the IAM. TitanX with annual sales of over two billion SEK has 800 employees worldwide. The company has manufacturing sites in Sweden, US, Brazil, Mexico and Poland. TitanX is today owned by Tata Autcomp Ltd.

Nissens Automotive develops manufactures and distributes EC, AC and Efficiency & Emissions spareparts products to larger wholesales and buying groups in the IAM worldwide. Nissens Automotive has a comprehensive manufacturing and distribution network with local presence in Austria, Benelux, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine and the US. The company has approx. 525 employees on a global scale and is owned by private equity, Axcel.



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