Subaru Forester: the engine oil pressure indicator lights up while driving

28 Jan 2022

Autodata Company runs Autodocta guide, where solutions to common, but difficult to diagnose, automotive problems are presented. Today we present a problem for a Subaru Forester with a 2.0 engine from 2013.

We have a problem with a Subaru Forester 2.0 from 2013, where the engine oil pressure warning light is on, despite the correct oil level. No fault codes were recorded. Please help us.

Answer: This fault relates to several Subaru models with FB engine code. It is caused by a badly designed protective cover of the oil pressure warning lamp switch, which causes water leakage followed by a short circuit. Check the oil pressure warning light switch. Replace it if necessary. Thoroughly clean the cable bundle plug of the oil pressure warning light switch. Install a new version of the oil pressure warning light switch cover, available in the Subaru parts section, Fig. 1.1. This should fix the problem.


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