Parts sought for by an exhaust specialist – perfectly equipped exhaust workshop

10 Oct 2021

When thinking about the parts used by specialized exhaust workshops in their service to their clients, the first thing that comes to mind are the so-called “large parts”: silencers, universal catalysts and catalysts dedicated to respective models of vehicles, as well as the appropriate DPF/FAP filters. However, there are many other essential accessories, including rubber hangers, metal clamps, flexible pipe connectors, rigid connectors, gaskets and sealing rings, nuts and bolts. It is difficult to imagine a correct installation of the exhaust system without these small elements.


Equipping the parts counter of an exhaust workshop proves a real challenge. Having appropriate support is essential for having at hand the right set of parts, and to not forget a thing. When selecting a good supplier of exhaust system parts, it is worth considering several aspects, such as:

  • how long the supplier has been on the market
  • what is the quality of the products offered
  • the range of the assortment
  • high availability of parts – preferably if it has them “in stock”
  • short delivery lead times
  • prices offered
  • level of customer service and professional advice.

Professionals are aware that drivers of all latitudes and longitudes are looking for opportunities to reduce the cost of repairing their cars while ensuring the use of high-quality parts. Therefore, the offer of a modern, reputable and business-savvy wholesaler includes spare parts supplied by suppliers such as Orion that match any car model, with original quality (OEM), and are manufactured in accordance with the standards demanded by car manufacturers. This solution is considerably cheaper than the use of dealer-supplied original parts.


On the other hand, it’s important to ensure high quality. If we use poor-quality parts for repair, we can expect a return visit from a dissatisfied customer, which in turn translates into a loss of time and profit, and a loss of the repair shop’s reputation. Therefore, ORION EXHAUST PARTS specialists advise to use accessories for exhaust systems made of high-quality materials such as SS304 stainless steel, EPDM ethylene-propylene-diene rubber or correctly matched materials for exhaust rings and gaskets.  Doing so guarantees resistance to corrosion, as well as to high temperature of exhaust gases – as Marcin Witkowski, an expert from ORION EXHAUST PARTS advises us.

Moreover, when choosing a particulate filter (popular DPF), it is worth considering whether a DPF filter with a silicon carbide (SIC) or that with a cordierite (CORD) cartridge will be appropriate.

Contemporary exhaust systems for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are more and more complicated and include several thousand different elements, and the strict exhaust emission standards require ever newer solutions. That is why it is so important to choose the right parts and a reliable supplier.


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