NRF introduces new product group, thermostats

16 Jul 2021

“NRF thermostats are designed and manufactured according to OE specifications. As a result, NRF thermostats fit and perform like the original part. Almost all NRF thermostats are EASY FIT, because they are delivered with the right gasket. This guarantees a perfect fit and quick replacement of the part.

NRF offers a wide range of single thermostats and thermostats including housing. The entire range is validated with the original part and tested on performance. Therefore, NRF thermostats are a perfect choice for a high quality aftermarket part.


Designed and manufactured according to OE specifications

Extensively performance tested

All validated to guarantee a perfect fit

EASY FIT = supplied with gasket

NRF introduces a range of 190 competitively priced thermostats. More will follow soon!

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