Nexus calls for an annual climate day for the automotive aftermarket

15 Jul 2021

‘Time for the industry to act’, says global alliance

NEXUS Automotive International is calling for an annual Climate Day for the automotive aftermarket.
The global alliance of leading autoparts distributors and manufacturers is to press for an inaugural event next fall 2022, with the ambition to rotate it between Europe and North America and expand it in every continent.
The initiative follows a meeting in Munich of the organisation’s Prospective Council, which brings together some of the most influential stakeholders from within the aftermarket, and beyond.

The Council provides a high level forum for the discussion of major challenges and opportunities confronting the industry, in this case climate change.

Some 40 senior business leaders took part, in person and via digital platforms, hosted at the headquarters of Osram.
Munich was specifically chosen for the city’s dynamic approach to sustainability, which aligns with the high quality ‘green’ standards adopted by N! Suppliers.

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe said: “Global warming is a more and more serious concern for everyone, increasingly impacting on the worldwide environment and the population.
“We are all called to take action, using all the means possible to keep the COP 21 trajectory and tend to carbon neutrality. That includes the automotive aftermarket, and that is why we are calling for an annual Climate Day for our industry.
“We will start the ball rolling with an event in 2022 but extend an invitation to any Tier-1, distributor, retailer, workshop network and even OEM that shares this sense of urgency to join us, so that we can make this an annual, even more powerful, event.
“It’s time to act. The climate clock is ticking, and we need to accelerate the pace as the overall timing is against us.”

Those at the Council meeting who shared their vision for a more sustainable aftermarket included: Inteliam, the new NEXUS start-up that evaluates the sustainability rating of automotive aftermarket distributor; AUTOCARE, the American aftermarket association and AASA, the American aftermarket manufacturers association. A final speech has been addressed by Jean Parisot, President, Automotive Aftermarket for TOTAL Energies.

Next year’s inaugural Climate Day should put the spotlight on initiatives undertaken by all aftermarket major players. Companies interested in joining the “Climate Day initiative” can contact the appointed independent Climate Day organizer, Emmanuel Voguet:


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