New product line especially for motorhomes

28 Aug 2022

The camping industry is booming, with no end in sight. However, the driving behaviour of the mostly one-to-one commercial vehicle base is not always ideal for camping use. This is because classic van suspensions are designed for highly fluctuating load conditions.

Ein Camper Van im BILSTEIN Fahrversucht auf der Landstraße mit leichtem Gefälle

Motorhomes, on the other hand, are never really empty due to the heavy internals, but tend to move just below the permissible total weight. Lacking travel comfort, poor stability in curves or disturbing driving noises therefore do not exactly make the journey a pleasure.

As a result, you arrive at your destination exhausted and stressed. It would be much better, however, if a relaxed feeling of being on holiday could set in as soon as you set off!

Der BILSTEIN B6 Camper Stoßdämpfer liegt auf einer Werkbank

That’s why the shock absorber experts at BILSTEIN have decided to build up a tailor-made product line for motorhomes around the high-performance B6 shock absorber with the suffix “Camper” from 2022 onwards. For many, this innovative product could become a real game-changer. All product information can also be found at


BILSTEIN B6 Camper is available for Fiat Ducato (from 2006), and identical vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot.

The Fiat Ducato (from model year 2006), which forms the basis for well over half of all motorhomes in Europe, is the first to benefit from the significant increase in damping force compared with the standard damper. All identically constructed vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot are also taken into account.

The B6 Camper configuration was initially tested in the particularly popular segment of camper vans. Young families in particular appreciate these affordable vehicles. In addition, the new shock absorber is also available for semi-integrated vehicles. BILSTEIN has carried out special road tests for this application to guarantee optimum handling here too.

Other applications will follow successively. There will also be a variant with automatic damping force adjustment using a purely mechanical process. This shock absorber adjusts its characteristics automatically by means of vibration feedback from the road. Motorhome owners can therefore soon look forward to another attractive camping product from BILSTEIN.

Ein BILSTEIN Mitarbeiter am Steuer eines Camper Vans beim BILSTEIN-Fahrversuch

The advantages of the BILSTEIN B6 Camper in detail


“Caravan owners have been able to upgrade their towing vehicle for some time now with our improved BILSTEIN B6 series replacement shock absorber, which we also recommend to all other motorists due to its greater damping force. But now, for the first time, we can also offer a special product for motorhomes.”



The B6 Camper combines a whole range of benefits: These include a safety plus in crosswinds and on bends thanks to optimum grip and a more intense driving experience thanks to high traction and precise handling.

At the same time, campers can look forward to a more comfortable driving experience: the reduction of driving noise through better damping contributes to this just as much as the increase in comfort through optimised rolling behaviour on cobblestones and at level crossings.


Eingebauter BILSTEIN B6 Camper Stoßdämpfer am Vorderrad eines Camper Vans
The successful setup is due to the fact that the BILSTEIN B6 Camper high-performance shock absorber is not a simple carry-over product. Each vehicle application is individually tuned on a demanding course in the BILSTEIN road test at “ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg”.

This time-consuming process is also the reason why the product roll-out is staggered. Step by step, BILSTEIN will test and fine-tune further vehicle applications of the B6 Camper and launch them on the market – but only when the demanding test engineers are fully satisfied

Ein Werkstatt-Mitarbeiter montiert den BILSTEIN B6 Camper am Vorderrad eines Camper Vans



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