New, 480 kw fast charging technology can mean 200 km range in plus in 5 minutes

18 Oct 2022

The Chinese automotive company XPENG announced this new product in August 2022 at the Supercharging Media Day, where the company also celebrated the opening of its 1,000th charging station, which is located in Guangzhou. At the media event, the company presented the new charging technology to the general public, as well as its development plans for the charging network system.

XPENG voted for fully electric EVs – this is also the reason why company invests a significant part of its resources in the development of fast charging technologies.

When determining the direction of development, it took the Chinese vehicle market as a basis – according to research, 90% of drivers in China drive less than 300 km per week and an electric car with a longer range can already meet this demand. The head of the company, Xiaopeng He, expects that the sales numbers of electric cars will also increase greatly with the dynamic development of the charging network.

XPENG chargers are already available in 337 different Chinese cities – good news, because one of the biggest fears about electric cars is the relatively short range available today. XPENG has placed chargers along several highways – the extra service of their chargers is to ensure a reservation, which can significantly reduce queuing time. In addition, an application has been developed, which can be used to reserve chargers in advance, start the charging process and the program also provides intelligent recommendations to the driver.

At Supercharging Media Day, however, XPENG prepared another novelty for the public. It introduced the Parking Navigation Guided Pilot (PNGP), a navigation function that helps the vehicle easily find the nearest XPENG charging station and support the driver in navition.

The S4 charging column with an impressive maximum charging capacity of 480 kW is uniquely capable of delivering a maximum current of 670A, which means an extra 200 km of range for the G9 in 5 minutes.

XPENG’s electric car, the G9


XPENG plans to install its S4 charging stations in 10 Chinese cities this year, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. According to their plans, number of stations will increase by 2 000 until 2025 in China, only in this single country.

In addition to China, XPENG also has locations in San Diego, Silicon Valley, Copenhagen, Munich, Oslo and Stockholm.

The company manufactures its electric cars at its plant in Zhaoqing, China. The Chinese automotive manufacturer is extremely committed to in-house research and development – ​​nearly 40% of its employees work in this area. The company has also developed vehicle systems to achieve better driving capabilities, including powertrains and advanced electronic architectures.


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