N! HEAVY DUTY SUMMIT – NEXUS Group summit held in Gdansk, Poland

15 Jul 2022

Gdansk was chosen as the venue for the international meeting of NEXUS Group suppliers and partners from the Heavy Duty sector. Representatives of companies and markets scattered all over the world arrived here. The agenda for the event included a conference on the group’s current activities, training workshops for partners and a whole host of business meetings.

NEXUS purchasing group summit

During the meeting in Gdansk, a summary of the NEXUS Group’s current activities was presented. Its new members were also presented. These are parts distributors from Azerbaijan (REEN company) and Albania (DEGERT AUTO) and a new supplier to the group – battery manufacturer ODYSSEY Battery.

– This is not the first meeting of NEXUS Group partners and suppliers dedicated to the Heavy Duty sector, the previous one took place in 2019 in Lyon. For the last three years, only virtual meetings were held. – said Janusz Zielinski, managing the Global Heavy Duty Business Development unit at NEXUS – Today, we are returning to large, global meetings organised by the group’s headquarters in Geneva. The arena of the first such meeting after a long break is Gdansk. I believe this was a good choice.

NEXUS remains the fastest growing purchasing group. In less than a decade of operation, it has gathered 159 members from 138 countries. 58 of the group’s distributors are companies related to the Heavy Duty (HD) market – i.e., operating in the truck, construction or agricultural vehicle parts market (on and off highway). In total, there are more than 9,000 points of sale worldwide for parts brokered by NEXUS. The list of parts suppliers associated with NEXUS currently includes 90 companies. 76 of these operate globally, 75 are associated with the HD sector.

NEXUS also presented financial figures. These show that the group has a turnover of €35 billion, 5.5 billion of which is accounted for by the HD sector. The plans are to further develop the business, expand the partner and supplier structure and look for new profit opportunities. Workshop networks, including a network of workshops, servicing heavy-duty vehicles are also an important element of growth.

The meeting was mainly devoted to the NEXUS Group’s activities in the truck market, hence a lot of space was devoted to the NEXUSTRUCK network. It currently has a membership of 1,200 workshops spread all over the world. The NEXUSTRUCK platform has been developed especially for its members, i.e., representatives of the Heavy Duty sector, and has recently been available in an improved version 2.0. Network members can also count on access to the WOP! platform, technical support, assistance in local marketing activities, training and NEXUS network branding. Some space during the presentation was devoted to one of the current market megatrends, sustainability.

B2B meetings, or business ‘speed dating’

The presentation of the NEXUS Group’s current activities was an important, but not crucial, part of the three-day N! HEAVY DUTY SUMMIT. This one was the individual talks by suppliers and network members, who rarely have the opportunity to hold live meetings. Each participant was able to schedule their meetings in advance via the event website. Half an hour was set aside for each meeting (the so-called Speed Date Meeting).


The event N! HEAVY DUTY SUMMIT took place on 4-6 July 2022 in Gdansk, Poland.


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