Lifting electric cars safely? – No problem!

01 Jul 2020

The topics of e-mobility, e-cars, hydrogen propulsion and hybrid vehicles are issues that are driving the automotive industry and, of course, all related industries.
So how do car repair shops and car dealerships equip their workshops to cope with this structural change and be prepared for the future?
Do they need special lifting platforms to lift electric cars professionally, custom-made products at special prices and with extralong delivery times? No!

AUTOPSTENHOJ GmbH, the lifting equipment specialist from the Westphalian town of Rheine, offers solutions from the standard lifts’ range to lift electric cars safely and at the same time enable the battery to be removed.
The top-seller among the inground lifts, quasi the all-rounder for repair, maintenance and bodywork – the AUTOPSTENHOJ Masterlift 2.35 Saa 230/260 – is also the solution for lifting electric cars.

The Masterlift 2.35 Saa 230/260 is a hydraulic inground lift with double telescopic and extremely flat swivel arms with a usable height of 2 meters, from the standard lift program.

With this lift you can lift especially flat sports cars or commercial vehicles such as the Sprinter. Furthermore, the same lift also lifts vehicles such as the Audi e-tron without any problems and the underbody remains freely accessible.
A standard workstation that can also be used as a workplace for electric vehicles. Consequently, there is no need to invest in a stand-alone “electric vehicle workstation”; they create a conventional workplace for repair, maintenance and bodywork, which they can also use for e-cars.

Usually the AUTOPSTENHOJ Masterlift 2.35 Saa 230/260 is delivered with classic plug-in lifting pads. The variety in the AUTOPSTENHOJ lifting pad program is enormous and leaves nothing to be desired. However, if lifting with lifting pads is not a solution, AUTOPSTENHOJ offers its wheel support devices. These can easily be exchanged for the classic lifting pads in one go and enable the vehicle to be lifted directly by its wheels without having to look for lifting points that may be difficult to access or, in the worst case, without being hit and the vehicle being picked up incorrectly.sailboat


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