Lack of Power in a Mini Clubman

13 Nov 2021

A MINI Clubman owner complained about lack of power and an illuminated engine malfunction light. Like always, Autodata specialists help to solve the problem.

Our customer’s 2017 Mini Clubman car with a 2.0 Diesel engine is experiencing a lack of engine power issue. Additionally, the engine malfunction warning light is illuminated. The computer memory shows fault codes 244C and 27F1. We have checked the components indicated by the fault codes but have not been able to find a solution to the fault. Do you have any ideas what could be the issue?

Answer: Yes, the described fault occurs in several Mini models with engine codes B47 D20B and B47 C20B and manufactured between 11.2017-09.2018. The cause of the fault is a kinked or crimped vacuum hose of the turbocharger pressure control valve and the exhaust gas recirculation valve. Check the vacuum hoses of the control system for patency (fig. 1.1.). Replace the vacuum hoses if necessary. Clear the fault codes and perform a test drive to see if the problem has been resolved.




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