Citroen Nemo: SRS warning light

12 Sep 2022

The mechanics encountered a problem with the SRS warning light on in Citroen Nemo. The solution to the problem is presented by Autodata specialists.

Our client is the owner of Citroën Nemo 2013. There was a malfunction of the airbag system (SRS) in the car, the warning lamp was on and the fault code B0100 was stored in the fault memory. We replaced the SRS control computer. The car returned to the workshop with the same problem after only a few months. Please help us.

Answer: We have already encountered the above-mentioned fault in Citroën Nemo models. The cause of the fault is insufficient grounding of the SRS control computer. Install a new SRS control computer. Install an additional ground wire between the SRS control computer housing and the adjacent ground point (fig.1.1.). This should fix the problem.



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