Hybrid and electric car repair survey

17 Mar 2021

The share of hybrid cars, and even more electric cars, in vehicle sector is still not high, but this segment is on the rise. Are car workshops prepared to handle such vehicles? What do their representatives think about the future of this segment? What breaks down in electric and hybrid cars? Those are the questions we ask in the survey.

We invite representatives of independent garages and authorized service centres to fill out a short survey. We will publish the results of the survey soon.

Hybrid and electric car repair

How often do you service or repair hybrid/electric vehicles?

Is the provision of services and repairs for hybrid/electric vehicles is a profitable business for your company today?

Mark the type of company you represent

What range of services do you perform for hybrid/electric cars?

(you can choose several answers)

Does the company have an employee or does the company work with someone who is certified to repair high voltage vehicles?


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