Novelties from Nissens in a new online platform

16 Nov 2020

Nissens’ Virtual Showroom is the new digital tool from the Danish automotive manufacturer, bringing recently launched product news and exciting updates to a broader public. With the aim of publishing the novelties in a 360-degree experience, the showroom is intended to offer real value for the company’s business partners and products consumers in the independent aftermarket.

The virtual showroom has been developed as an online platform to share all vital information related to the newly launched or recently extended product categories and groups within Nissens Automotive’s offering. Since the company’s recently updated strategy sets several ambitious product development plans, the showroom has been designed to serve as an easily accessible information channel for Nissens’ business partners. Spare parts distributors can stay continuously updated with every detail of the product novelties and extensions launched by Nissens.

Klavs T. Pedersen, Executive Vice President of Nissens Automotive, states:

Our intention is to enhance our partner’s business opportunities based on our constantly updating product portfolio, and specifically now with the important new developments within various categories. With the new product launches, we strengthen our position as the leading aftermarket specialist within automotive Climate Control, Engine Cooling, Engine Efficiency and Emissions systems. Expanding our range by new, key system components is like adding more dots to the holistic picture of a given system to which we aim to offer a complete solution. Thanks to our comprehensive approach covering, among others a deep market and trends analysis and focus on strong carpark coverage, we know what offers the best commercial potential in the market. Thus, Nissens’ product distributors can benefit from consistent growth when working with our program. What we have added now is a comprehensive information channel where all the exciting, new business news can be experienced at one web address.

Nissens’ virtual showroom pages are intended to take visitors through a complete introduction to the novelties. Product commercial data, its technical background within the role, its function and the component’s possible issues are explained, as well as the relevant quality aspects, to create an all-inclusive experience designed to please even the most demanding audience.

Jan Zieleskiewicz, Marketing Manager in Nissens Automotive, explains:

Our goal was to serve all the necessary highlights, facts, and relevant data of the new launches, so our customers can feel comfortable even if they are not familiar with all aspects of the presented products. In fact, besides the commercial aspects, every automotive component has some specific role, importance or is characterized by a dedicated technology or common failures. We believe it is for the audience’s benefit when it’s all published at one place and is served in an attractive and easy to navigate way.

Furthermore, part of the showroom’s background was the need to mitigate the limited number of industry trade events this year. We all feel the lack of important meeting platforms and for that reason, we have incorporated an interview section into the showroom experience. With expert colleagues, and their own stories that respectively relate to the given aspect of the novelties, we believe the Nissens Virtual Showroom has gained an interface with a personal touch. Visitors can also apply for virtual meetings with the experts to learn even more about the product novelties.

Opening of the completed Nissens Virtual Showroom, that includes planned-for Autumn 2020 Product Novelty Launches, is scheduled for November 23rd. The first reveal will enable visitors to learn about two completely new product launches within the Climate Comfort System and Engine Efficiency System, as well as important updates within several of the existing product groups, e.g., Nissens’ turbos, water pumps and EGR valves.

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