How do European car garages attract customers?

27 Nov 2023

The image of a garage plays a key role on the road to their success. It is measured by an increase in the number of customers, prices for services, and thus an increase in revenues and profits. Therefore, the way customers perceive a company has a significant impact on its operations.

According to garage employees, how do drivers perceive their workplaces?

In Central and Eastern Europe, in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania, garage employees strongly believe that drivers have a positive opinion on independent car garages. In contrast, countries such as Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria present less positive trends. However, it should be highlighted that in case of these countries, nearly half of surveyed gave a somewhat evasive answer i.e. did not express any opinion. Similarly a high percentage of hesitant respondents came from UK garages. Nevertheless, it should be noted that in each surveyed country, positive image reviews have always outweighed the bad ones.

What contributes to the positive image of a garage?

In the automotive industry, a positive image of a car garage is important for building customer trust and maintaining their loyalty. Competence, reliability, and high quality of repairs are the foundations on which the reputation of each garage is built. Mechanics’ skills are also significant and were the second most frequently named factor.

‘Customers are not only looking for expert service for their vehicle, but also for good communication, friendliness, and a willingness to understand their needs. Transparent communication regarding repairs, clear explanations of costs, and timeliness of the work performed are equally important for building a positive image’ – notes the company’s service concept development manager.

In the end, it is satisfied customers, who have experienced reliability and a high standard of service, who become the best advertisement for a garage. They are what attracts new customers and increasing revenue and profits for garage owners.

Research methodology

The survey which served as the source for the claims in this article was conducted by, in the form of an online interview among car repair shops. In total, over 1655 individuals took part in the survey.


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