High-tech car and its repair. A survey.

12 Jan 2024

Is the technical advancement of the automotive industry causing any concerns in the garage community? This question, among others, is the one we are looking to answer in our survey directed to garage owners and employees. Other issues include, e.g., car brands considered to be the easiest to repair.

Please complete the survey below:

High-tech car and its repair.

Does your company repair all car brands? *

Indicate the main sources you use for data/information needed for repairs *

(please choose the two most accurate answers):

Mark minimum 2 and maximum 2 answers.

How often does your garage give up on a car repair due to its technical advancement? *

In your opinion, will independent garages in the future be forced to give up doing some repairs due to the technical advancement of cars? *

On average, how many cars are serviced at your garage per week? *

Cars of which brand/group of brands do you think are the easiest to service? *

Does the company belong to a repair shop network of a car parts manufacturer or a distributor: *

Are there car brands that you would never want to repair in your garage because of, for example, hard-to-find parts, complex construction, or electronic systems? *


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