High-quality LED work lamps – WESEM’s CRK2 broadly applied in vehicles, now comes also in a version certified for reversing (CRK2-AR)

21 Sep 2020

CRK2 lamp has completed the impressive range of work lamps from the Polish manufacturer, WESEM. Optimal parameters are enclosed in a well-thought-out high-quality product at a very attractive price. Recently, the family of CRK2 lamps has been extended with a version approved for reversing, intended for road use in lorries and delivery vans.

The Polish manufacturer has met the expectations of users with a series of LED technology lamps at attractive prices.

CRK2 LED lamps are a series of square-shaped lamps with popular dimensions of 105 mm x 105 mm. The wide-beam lamp has been prepared in three versions. The first version, which offers luminous flux of 800 lm (11 W), will be perfect as a cost-efficient and easy to use alternative for the halogen lamp; whereas the second version, with luminous flux of 1600 lm (22 W), will meet the needs of those users who must illuminate a wider area in order to improve their comfort of work and visibility. The third version, with the widest luminous flux, will also prove perfect as extra lighting or as a reversing lamp on public roads as it has E20 approval (R23 approved) for reversing.

The manufacturer has prepared a product with compact dimensions, which will fit perfectly in all niches and other limited spaces. The modified location of the handle and its adjustment allow the lamp to be mounted as one desires; plus, the lamp features a very aesthetic mounting of the reflector on the back of its surface.

CRK2 LED lamp series is an ideal product for those customers who expect:

  • a brand product at a very affordable price in the class of work lamps of up to 1600 lm,
  • long life and reliability of lamps,
  • a good-quality product from a reliable manufacturer,
  • low energy consumption and no radio interference,
  • choice of multiple options and mounting methods,
  • secure guarantee.

Users who buy CRK2 lamp will see that a brand product need not cost much. They can mount LED lamps without the fear of radio interference. They need not cope with lighting failures as in case of using traditional bulb lamps; thus, they will receive a product that can be used for many years.

Lamps are manufactured in Poland, and each stage of the production process complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality system applicable at the company.

CRK2 LED lamps can be used in lorries, delivery vans, special-purpose vehicles, farm vehicles, construction and low-speed machinery, and in all vehicles which require an additional source of light. WESEM products can be purchased from distributors of automotive, construction and agricultural lighting in your country.


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