Get ready with Nissens for the upcoming AC season.

09 Apr 2021

Far before the spring comes, the entire aftermarket prepares to serve a well-known seasonal mission – a well-done AC System service. Everyone in the market, from the spare parts suppliers to the dedicated technicians and regular-service workshops, will do their utmost to make sure their customers get the proper AC parts and an appropriate, complete AC service this season.

Year after year, Nissens Automotive do their best to ensure their partners are ready for the busy climate season. The company’s wide, key system components range must be available on the distributors’ shelves by early spring. Similarly to the recent years, many novelties will enlarge Nissens’ parts program to cover the newer and most popular vehicle models. Completely new AC system components will also be available.

Jonas Evald Kristensen, Product Manager, Climate Category at Nissens elaborates:

The two flagship parts in the Nissens’ AC program and the most frequently replaced components form a very competitive, strong market offering. Almost 600 Nissens AC compressor models cover 79% of the EU-running applications and nearly 1,200 condenser models cover +94% of the European car park. Nearly 250 new models of condensers, compressors, interior blowers, evaporators, receiver-dryers, and AC fans have been added to the program since last summer. Furthermore, we have very recently launched the expansion valve to the offer and it is equally worth highlighting that more than 230 components in our climate system parts range fit the most popular hybrid and electric vehicles.

The convenient and safe choice for AC service

Whereas distributors focus on the proper range and availability of parts, the system technicians want to be sure the service procedure they carry out proceeds successfully with no extra hassle and ends with a happy car owner. This means that the service must result in an optimally performing AC system, with its major components’ continued trouble-free operation. Selecting Nissens products when servicing the AC system makes the procedure easy and safe. All Nissens products are developed and manufactured according to market-recognized, genuine Nissens’ quality standards. This ensures that the parts are perfectly finished, thus enabling a trouble-free, fast installation. The functionality of every component is thoroughly tested so the part matches the OE part and secures the most optimal thermal performance. The majority of Nissens AC parts are First Fit products, which means the technician gets everything that is needed for proper installation right there in the product box. Furthermore, Nissens’ condensers are corrosion protected, which prolongs their life span considerably.

Alongside the premium quality components, Nissens has a reputation for its high-value technical support, which the company provides to technicians through a variety of forms from print to online and including technical training, self-learning modules, technical tips, and detailed installation and troubleshooting guides. This is also a big advantage for distributors as it allows them to demonstrate the real difference behind the brand and product specialists such as Nissens.

With the product range expanded recently with the thermal expansion valves (TXV), Nissens also promotes one of the safest and most optimal AC compressor installations. It is recommended that along with the receiver-dryer, and in many cases the condenser, the TXV should always be replaced by fitting a new AC compressor.

Jonas continues:

The expansion valve is a small component but of tremendous importance for the entire system operation. The valve can malfunction due to system contamination by improper additives or by wear/malfunction of its power element. When it happens, besides impairing the system’s overall performance, it can affect the compressor’s lifespan and provoke severe premature failures. The valve should always be replaced during a new compressor installation. To make it easier for technicians to observe this best practice replacement recommendation, we have developed our line of valves that, by launch, consists of +60 item numbers covering +290 OE references for the most popular cars, vans, and trucks and the range will continue to develop. Providing an extensive AC service that includes the compressor replacement, technicians can now benefit from the competitive range of Nissens’ valves. This will enable them to perform the most appropriate service procedure and save from costly returned repairs.

Find all the key system components at Nissens and be ready for the hot season with one of the widest and most competitive AC spare parts programs in the market.

Nissens AC Parts Facts

  • Nissens AC System components in total: +3,000 parts, covering +15,000 OE numbers of passenger cars, light vans, and trucks. The range includes AC compressors, condensers, interior (heater) blowers, AC fans, heaters, evaporators, receiver-dryers
  • Novelty 2021: +60 models of thermal expansion valves for the most popular cars, vans and trucks covering +290 OE numbers
  • All Nissens AC Compressors are First Fit products – pre-filled with the right type of lubricant, include O-rings as well as electrical harness and connector or a protective pre-filter whenever needed.
  • All thermal Expansion Valves from Nissens are equipped with O-rings and mounting bolts whenever applicable by OE.
  • Nissens’ condensers include O-rings and are protected from corrosion with a specially designed coating. Saltwater tests reveal that condensers treated with corrosion protection function up to eight times longer than non-protected condensers.



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