Effects of coronavirus in your workshop – survey results

24 Apr 2020

We would like to thank the garage representatives for participating in our survey in such a great number. The situation with COVID-19 is dynamic, therefore, we are trying to present the results as soon as possible.

The study has shown that the garages have suffered substantial losses.

The average rating of the pandemic effect on garages is 8.1. The responses were provided on a scale of 1 to 10. Wherein 10 means having a high effect.

It is worth noting that over 40% of respondents chose the highest point suggesting a serious crisis in their garages.

Most garages which constitute as many as 70% agreed that they lost more than 50% of their customers.

We are pleased that the vast majority which is 88% of garages have taken proper actions to protect their employees and customers against infection.

Unfortunately, the crisis leads to almost 60% of garages having problems with the availability or supply of car parts. Thanks to a new survey for distributors which we have prepared, we will try to determine the probability and scale of problems in the near future.

Of course, it is not surprising that the garages are now planning to introduce cost-cutting measures. Unfortunately, they will affect the inhibition of company growth. Nearly half of the respondents declared that they will reduce the investments in garage equipment while 39% – in staff training, and 45% are currently considering cutting labour costs.

In addition to health issues, supporting the economy is another important task for the government. Only 10% of the garage representatives expect the support to be very helpful while 27% claim that they will not use the government support.

At this stage of the crisis, all predictions are certainly very difficult to make. Changes in the market have never been as rapid as they are now and, unfortunately, they probably will never be as slow as they used to be not long ago.


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