Failure of the old type of automatic transmission – repair or change to a modern automatic transmission?

18 Nov 2022

The design of automatic transmissions of many cult and popular cars dates back to the 90s, and often even the 80s of the previous century. This applies to both road and off-road vehicles. Repairing the original automatic transmission can only restore the car to the efficiency of previous decades. However, there is an opportunity to seize the opportunity and do a conversion…

Replacing the automatic transmission with a ZF 8HP high-speed automatic transmission – how to do it?

Adaptation kits for fast and modern 8HP gearboxes are becoming very popular on the market. Used from 2008 to the present, 8-speed ZF automatic transmissions have been used in many car models, including BMW, Jaguar and American cars. High availability can be checked by yourself on popular auction sites.

– As specialists in the design and production of gearbox conversion kits for many engines, we can assure you of a huge impact on the functionality of the car after replacing the gearbox with a high-speed automatic. The change gives the car a second life and allows you to continue to enjoy your favorite vehicle, giving it modern efficiency and utility. The production of such elements is fully carried out in Poland, and the solution itself is becoming more and more popular around the world – says the spokesperson of PMC Motors.

An important role in changing the gearbox to ZF 8HP is also played by modern electronics available from native Polish companies dealing with gearbox and engine controllers. With the help of full mapping of the processes occurring during the operation of the powertrain, its operation can be fully tuned to the needs or preferences of the driver. This is a completely new chapter in the use of road and sports vehicles, which has so far been available only to participants of the highest racing series.

Does the installation of a different gearbox require many modifications to the car?

After changing the gearbox to ZF 8HP, you should expect a few modifications that will be necessary to perform. These include replacing or making an individual gearbox support, appropriate for a given car body. The second modification needed will be the modification of the front part of the propeller shaft, requiring an adapter connecting the so-called cross of the 8HP gearbox with the drive shaft of your car. With the increasing popularity of these gearboxes, more and more solutions are becoming available on the market as finished products.

Can the ZF 8HP automatic be used in cars with a damaged manual gearbox?

Not only a faulty automatic can cause problems for the user of his favorite car. Problems also occur with manual gearboxes. In this case, the solution and the list of necessary modifications are very similar. It is enough to replace the damaged manual gearbox with the ZF 8HP gearbox conversion kit and use the above-mentioned automatic transmission and control it electronically. This solution can surprise even the most stubborn lovers of manual gearboxes. This is mainly due to the speed of changes and gear reduction controlled on a lever moved like a forward-reverse sequential gearbox or adding paddles to the steering wheel.

To sum up, having access to professionally made and tested adapters today, repairs of outdated gearboxes often do not make sense not only due to the low efficiency of old structures, but also due to the increasing problems with obtaining the right parts and their cost. It turns out that for a similar or even lower price, you can use a much more user-friendly modern transmission.


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